Future Feelings

I have started the edit of Wisp.  Thanks to my brilliant proof reader.  And Its exciting.  Editing can be a ball ache, endless hours going through what you`ve written but it can be exciting too.  I always find that the characters are better known to me so when I start editing I can realise that so and so would never have said that or done that.  Also it gives me a chance to see where the story can be secured and fixed in place.  My loving wife Becca, who is going stir crazy as we havn`t been out and about for a long time, gives me so much support that I couldn`t have got as far as I have without her.    I wish I could take her away some where, a magic carpet would be good, we could fix the dog Dante to a loop perhaps.  Then we could go where ever we wanted in the world.

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