Birthday Girl

Yep its my birthday.  My gorgeous patient wife brought me breakfast in bed and we shared it with our dog, he loves peanut butter.  I am made up with all the gifts I received but especially my book “Find the Wookie.”  I am a big Chewbacca fan.

Looking back over birthdays can be confusing but one I remember well was when i received my rocking horse from my biological parents.  He was a beautiful, plastic dapple grey horse with red rockers.  I named him Jesus.  Yes, my naming of things is legendary within family circles.

another big surprise was my 21st birthday, a huge party.  It was wonderful but very bitter sweet as just two months later, I lost my beloved Aunt, who brought me up, to cancer.  For ten years after auto pilot kicked in and am just taking back the controls now.  Her and my uncle Tommy`s card to me was a girl balancing on a rainbow, she had black hair like me and the message was “Believe in your dreams.”  Oh Adeline and Tommy I hope you are proud of me trying so hard to follow my dream.  It its thanks to you two, and my Mum and Dad and the people of Rousay that my story telling got started.  So this video is for you all, but especially for Adeline and Tommy and my wife Becca, oh and our dog, Dante.  Okay two vids but one shows beauty and the other shows Rousay folk.



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