5 Skills Unsuccesful Writers Need 

This is a good look at how to write and not how a writer is perceived to be. Thank you Steven

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Let me warn everyone before we get any further. I’m writing this on my iPhone, and I am absolutely sure Autocorrect is going to try to implement its evil plan to dominate my text. Hopefully, I can catch all the typos before I hit the publish button, but if not, then you now know why it says, “sitting,” instead of, “writing.”

Writers are often seen as introverts who hide from daylight and curse any engagement that requires them to be social. I am not sure where this stereotype came from, but I certainly know that it doesn’t fit for me. Rather than dismissing the entire idea of how a writer is perceived, I decided to try to figure out what qualities make the most successful writers.

1. Dedication– Writing is not the kind of profession that most of us want it to be. We all want to be wildly…

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