How to ease those writer’s aches and pains

taking care of our joints and bones as a writer

Jean's Writing

I bet you’re just like me, trying to find ways to write and stretch the kinks out at the same time. 

Ain’t easy is it?

I think writers suffer with these aches and pains because we sit too long-lost in our thoughts as we breathe life onto a blank page.

If you’ve sat at a desk any length of time, you know what I’m talking about.

I started sitting at a desk when all typing was done in triplicate on a Selectric Typewriter. My hands have more knots than a boy scout climbing rope. And don’t get me started about my neck and back. 

typewriter-584696_640But what’s a writer to do? Me I’ll take a little cheese with my whine…. LOL 

All joking aside, as a young woman I didn’t worry about taking care of my joints. Wish I had. Like so many today, thought I was invincible. Now, its hot baths…

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