6 Rules A**holes Break when Giving/Receiving Feedback

A very good piece with lots of advice which I will remember. Thanks Steven.

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Hey there guys, I am doing this blog post for two reasons. The first is to provide a way for new people in my writing group to see how ours will work, and the second is to give all of you some ideas for your own. If you are a beta or alpha reader this post might be a useful way to figure out what to look for in the manuscript that you are reading.

1. If your work is being critiqued, do not defend yourself. This is the absolute most important rule of them all. Writing groups exist to help a writer become better, not as a way to earn new fans. If a reader has something negative to say about your work your only response should be some variation of, “Thank you for your feedback,” unless you do not understand what they did not like. At that point…

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