In The Attic

I loved this story, the atmosphere and the wording transported me to the dark and dry attic.

Solveig Werner

“Where are you?” little Mike called out, no longer motivated to play hide and seek, reluctantly he climbed up the ladderto the attic. His older sister would surely not be hiding up there in the haunted place?
“Where are you?” little Mike called out again. “I give up you know, I no longer want to search for you Lisa!”

Still there was no reply. “Are you in the attic?”

Slowly his eyes adjusted to the darkness, his knees scratched on the cold floor, “Ouch!”

Lisa was no were to be seen, but then the attic was barely lit by the small rooftop window.

“Lisa?!” he wailed, “are you here?” Getting up onto his feet little Mike tried to reach the light switch, to his dismay he was still a few centimetres too small.

His tiny heart pounding he decided to be brave and find his sister in the dark. He…

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