3 Easy Ways Writers Can Protect Their Work From Copyright Infringement (Via The Writer’s Circle)

Face it, folks. The Internet has taken over. That means many great things for writers. It means that we can create websites and blogs for free; we can reach out to more publishers, journals, and magazines for publication; we can self-publish and market our own work with ease! The biggest problem with sharing our work on the Internet is copyright infringement and plagiarism.

In most cases, infringement isn’t a huge deal; we are not posting finished manuscripts for novels to Facebook. But shorter works can often be copy-and-pasted to other websites who profit from them. In fact, we at the Writer’s Circle experienced this when someone took an entire article about Dr. Seuss and posted it to their Facebook timeline! The good news is that there are ways we can protect our writing and also have the vast readership of the Internet community!

Here are 3 copyright tricks for writers…

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