How to Participate in the Dissonance Paperback Giveaway

Mariella Hunt

Blank bookcover with clipping pathI’ve been looking forward to this–the first Dissonance paperback giveaway!

On February 26, I’m choosing a person (they can be anywhere in the world!) who will receive a copy of Dissonance, but this isn’t a like-to-win situation.

I have written four short stories based on what happened before Dissonance. They show four characters’ points of view: Julian, Peter, Tyson, and Allie. Each story is character driven, leading to the plot of the novel itself.

On the month of February I will release one short story every Monday, and on the 26 I will announce the winner’s name.

This means there will be a new story on the 1, 8, 15, and 22 of February, and the winner will be announced here and on all my social media sites on the 26.

To qualify for the paperback, there’ll be a question based on each short story. You can answer one or…

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