What do you need to win a writing contest?

Jean's Writing

If I knew, for certain, I’d be a big winner!

I’ve come close a few times, but sigh… I’m still working on grabbing the brass ring. 

It’s another year and contests are starting to crop up again. But, if I’m to jump in those deep waters, I want to give myself the best chance of winning. That brings up the question. How?

What can we do to swing the odds in our favor in the face of fierce competition? 

winner-1013979_640After you’ve written that story make sure you’ve hit all the basics. If you’re looking for an edge, check out the following tips.

  1. Engage the reader emotionally.
    • Give the reader a reason to love or hate the protagonist.
      • Even in a short or flash piece emotions should run hot.
  2. Be unpredictable.
    • Don’t be cliché, or if you must put an original twist on an old cliché.
  3. Don’t put the reader to sleep.
    • Keep them…

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