Day 120 ~ Feel All Of It! #dearagent


The Writer and The Story

Dear Agent;

lose it allFeel everything.

Give it all away.

Put everything you have into your story.

Go there… really go there!

Remember what it felt like to scrape your knee at five years old? When we believed it was the end of the world. We convinced ourselves that there is no greater pain than the alcohol or peroxide used to clean the wound. But once the stinging passes, and it dries, the pain finally subsides. The scrapes do in fact heal. The scabs will fall to the ground.

What do the moments we are writing about or reliving with our characters look and feel like?

There is a scene in my story that terrifies me to write about… it calls me to carry and feel and write about horrific events. How will I capture this?

By feeling the pain… but calling it forth… by NOT playing it safe. Great writing is honest…

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