Trinity now formed

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Trinity now formed

13 March 2016

trinity pinterest com 3 Courtesy

Work of art

Modes of expression

My prayer

Expressed low

Within my veins compression

Of fate’s slow dances

Vows exchanged

Despite the set lips

They move not

Though hearts beat

Go beyond scenes that repeat

Escaping time loop

There is path

Between you and me

Where we walk

In shadows

Neither of us the place knows

In between spaces

Word texture

Thick with thousand years

Of flowing


Rises from within the deep

We sow then we reap


A bouquet of love

You drop red

I add blue

In between shades of purple

Harmonised futures

Tree of us

You stem from my roots



I raise new world from your bark

Trinity now formed

Reading of the poem: 

trinity bijbelcitaat be Courtesy

Messages from above – Joel Kanning

Ashima – Joel Kanning

One World – Joel Kanning

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