Tomorrow’s pathways

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Tomorrow’s pathways

20 April 2016

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Everywhere doors shut

This castle wind whisperer

Blowing in the skies

The crows caw loudly

There is nothing in this world

Move on, hope is lost

We will build morrows

On molten land of lava

Where red beings dwell

The nightingales cry

There is everything within

Undoubted the source

I spin in valleys

The feet a circle of love

Hands extended forth

Inside the circles

There are bubbles of blank air

They blow new windows

Tomorrow’s pathways

They are etched within the faith

Where blue meets the red

Reading of the poem: 

spiraling pinterest com 2 Courtesy

Going Home – Asgeir Anderson

In the Silence – Asgeir Anderson

Higher – Asgeir Anderson

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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s pathways

  1. Your welcome Debby. Geetha`s poems are fantastic and I love having my coffee in the mornings and listening to her read them, it`s a lovely way to relax before the madness of the day.


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