Part One of Chapter Two

Part One of chapter Two by this is a great serialisation by Jack, it is a fantastic read.

Have We Had Help?


Part one of Rebellion

Khan sat and listened closely to Akhen’s plan. Despite the age-old conflict between their planets, the two men respected each other. Khan was the unchallenged leader of the Drana prisoners; what he said was law. The rest of the Drana sat and stared with loathing in their eyes at the Nephile talking with their leader. But for any of them to challenge Khan over his actions meant broken bones at the very least. The two men conversed for hours while the rest slept. “You’d better return to your dormitory, Akhen; the guards will be coming soon. I’ll sleep on your plan and meet you tomorrow night,” he said, as they parted company.

Khan had been commander of the Imperial Guard before his fall from grace. His outstanding service to the empire had been rewarded many times. On two occasions, he had foiled attempts on the life…

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