I Think We Have A Name!

new and wonderful idea from danalatorre.com

Dan Alatorre

Remember last week when I asked if we should have a writing contest with prizes here on the blog? (What, you forgot? Click HERE)

A way to showcase you amazing people and give you an award to brag about?

I think we’re going to call the writing contest on the blog Word Weaver. It will be a quarterly contest with small cash prizes and maybe some money going to charity. Maybe I can also get some author friends to donate some books or something, too, as additional prizes, and eventually I’ll make a phone call over to the Tampa Tribune are the Oracle or something around here and see if they want to be a sponsor.

In the meantime, I thought the name, Word Weaver, was pretty good!

Word Weaver

See? Cool.

And as for a logo, I thought just those words with maybe a vine winding around…

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