The Trough of Disillusionment and the Writing Cycle

We`ve all been here from

Red Sofa Literary

By Stacey Graham

I live among geeks. Five daughters and a husband all snarled within technology and its sleek designs butt up against my bookish ways and have left me with never ending updates and new apps. Some of it has wormed its into my writing and agenting life. The Hype Cycle, coined by the IT firm Gartner, is used to describe the way technology is introduced, matures, is adopted by the masses, then plateaus.

At last I can identify something within my world: As writers, we hit the same bumps and climb the same mountains as the journey your iPhone took while developing our stories or work on our nonfiction projects. Sort of. Let’s break it down:

The trigger: An idea hits us that is so groundbreaking—so revolutionary—that we can’t believe no one thought of it yet. We hold it to our bosoms as if it were Daniel…

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