World Turtle Day

It was world turtle day 23rd May.

Eliza Waters

turtle day

May 23 was World Turtle Day. 

“This is a busy time of year for many turtles who are traveling to lay eggs. Be on the lookout for turtles crossing roads and, if you can do so safely, lend them a helping hand by carrying them to the side of the road they are traveling towards.
If your backyard habitat includes a pond that supports turtles, make sure you provide perches. Leave wild turtles where you find them, and never release a pet turtle into the wild. Volunteering for local river cleanups and refraining from littering are all ways we can help provide healthy habitat for turtles.”
The above quote was taken from: Yardmap Facebook page
Turtles have made Earth their home for 157 million years, while humans date back only a mere 2.8 million years. I think we should respect our elders, don’t you?

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