Teaser Tuesday: Darkness is Coming

Cant wait for this to be ready to buy. Get your copy too

Legends of Windemere

Tomorrow is the day Legends of Windemere: Tribe of the Snow Tiger goes off Pre-Order and goes live.  So I have a very small, teeny, tiny teaser that I can’t really put any explanation into because it’s only one paragraph.  A big one though in terms of importance and impact.

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Crimson lightning pounds the continent of Shayd and a chorus of screams sends boulders crashing into the ocean. The remaining chaos elves huddle in their caves, which are bathed in protective shells of green energy. Even with Yola’s shields, the terrified people still feel every shudder and spasm of their world. Undead randomly explode as shockwaves of magic burst from the castle, which has already lost one of its corner towers. All of the demons have retreated to the Chaos Void, leaving swirling vortexes that they peek through to see if it is safe to…

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