Fantasy Tales of Betrayal


This is the link to the fantasy writers anthology, Betrayals of A Another Kind.  Of which I am one of the authors.  It was a lot of hard work, it was a lot of fun and yes, there were tears.  This is my first short story to be published on amazon.  At college I had a short story published but this was back in the day when it was only hard back copy.  I couldn`t afford to buy a copy.  Now, with the publishing revolution that is Amazon, we can all afford to buy the stories and novels that we want to read.


My first novel is almost at the publishing stage, I say almost but the wonderful fact is that I can say that.

“Wisp” is book one of the Edra chronicles.  It is a blend of genres.  It is urban fantasy, it is a murder mystery and it deals with the peoples of faerie but in a new and original form.  I will be posting it`s progress as we go along.  At the moment it is in the hands of my wonderful editor Diane Tibert.  The chapters are coming back and the edits are being done.


After the high of the publication of Betrayals of Antoher Kind I took a downward spiral.  I have Borderline Personality Disorder, Dyspraxia and Functional Neurological Disorder.  In short, manic depression, autistic spectrum and pain, pain, pain.  I just want to thank all those who supported me during this time.  My beautiful wife Becca, my daughter Tara and Michael from fantasy writers group.  I think the darkness is over but all through it I kept writing and this is thanks to the above support plus the wonderful bloggers I follow.


I`m going to leave you with my interview by J E Feldman, Dragonqueen, without whom the fantasy writers group would never have happened.




5 thoughts on “Fantasy Tales of Betrayal

  1. Congrats on the anthology and the progress on your book – it sounds intriguing! Diane Tibert is an excellent editor – a wise choice! I find that writing is therapeutic in many ways and the wonderful WP author community continues to inspire. ❤

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