Chapter Forty-Four

Chapter 44. The end is near, or is it? from

Have We Had Help?


Part Three – Orion’s Belt


Chapter Forty-Four – Preparations for Escape

Welcome back dear reader. Forty-five years have passed since I told you how Akhen and his brothers set out to defeat Shu, the evil monster created by my cousin Hesket. And how Akhen finally exiled himself to a lonely planet, far from his brothers and the other survivors, after killing Shu, and absorbing her evil essence. In the intervening years, the saga has now taken another strange twist. I sense another evil in the cosmos now, more powerful than both myself and the one I thought I was seeking!

My mind as well as my eyes grows cloudy with my great age dear reader. I can no longer clearly sense who or what it is as I begin writing this final chapter. The only thing I am certain of is that we shall meet soon and I will…

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