Chapter Forty-Three

Chapter 43. A sad chapter for me;

Have We Had Help?


Chapter Forty-Three – The End Of The Beginning

The brothers searched through the ruins and the surrounding area, looking for Akhen. Not so much as a footprint was found. Believing that he had gone back to Adab wanting to be alone, they reluctantly made camp for the night. The brothers sat in the warmth of the fire, each lost in his own thoughts.

Max looked at Seti sitting next to him and asked, “I don’t understand why Akhen called her Sud or why he claimed to be Enlil. Why did he do that Seti?” The four others looked at Seti needing to hear the answer if there was one, as much as Max. (My kin were also curious; their plan to destroy Shu had taken an unexpected, but welcome turn.)

Seti sat for a moment in silence. “Well,” he began, “The ancient Sumer people believed they were descended from a…

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