Chapter Forty-Five

And yet more twists and turns this just keeps getting better and better. chapter 45

Have We Had Help?


Chapter Forty-Five – Launch!

The weak light of predawn revealed the launch area, creating a ghostly scene in the chilly morning air, as the heavy girder construction of the launch ramp was partially exposed in the rising mist. Low cloud shrouded the end of the ramp, ten kilometres distant and six kilometres above the ground. Eugene was adamant that they go today no matter what the weather. The warmth from the rising sun quickly burned off the mist, and blue sky could be seen as the cloud cover broke, revealing the enormous ramp in its entirety.

Nearly all of Eugene’s former marines were there to see him leave, thankful that the ‘old bastard’ was finally leaving. He stood beside the open hatch of the ship and took one last look at the place that had been his prison, lit a cigar, and surveyed the crowd below.

“Ready when you are…

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