Chapter Forty-Seven

A revealing chapter 47 from

Have We Had Help?


Chapter Forty-Seven – Murderous Apprenticeship

Now that the men had gone, the women and children spent the next fourteen years in the relative safety of the ship. As the children grew, Pashtek began their evil education, teaching them while they slept. During the day, they learned from their mothers about their own races, and the tragic circumstances which had brought them on board.

Meral was growing into a beautiful young woman, bossy and determined, with a sex drive, which would cause problems in the future. Naron spent most of his time learning about his ancestors’ warrior past, as he grew into a fine physical specimen. Banab withdrew more and more over the years, studying the library in the ship’s computer, absorbing all its knowledge, and growing more evil and malicious every day.

With each passing year, Pashtek’s influence over them grew. Each night as they lay asleep, he entered their…

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