Chapter Forty-Eight

Onet`s Tale a wonderful epic which gripped me from the beginning.

Have We Had Help?


Chapter Forty-Eight – A New Beginning

Kalma sat watching the baby in his wife’s arms feeding from the bottle filled with goat’s milk that she had prepared for the tiny infant. “It’s a shame my father was not still alive,” he said to himself. “Khan would have been proud to have a grandson.” Kalma was as handsome as his father had been. When Khan died, he had assumed the role of leader of their tribe, taking Khan’s youngest wife for his own. Now, as Liss cooed softly to the baby boy in her arms, Kalma smiled, knowing that his wife’s standing within the female community of the tribe would finally improve, since the awful time when they discovered that she was barren. She had a son now, an heir for Kalma.

“What is his name, husband?” Liss asked, as the babe fell asleep in the warmth of her gentle embrace.

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