The Setting Thesaurus Books Are Here!!

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Think of your absolute favorite story. What are some of the aspects of that story that you rave about to your friends and family? For me, it’s the ability of the book to pull me into it’s world, making me feel as if I’m there, as if I am hearing, seeing, listening, tasting…

As writers, that is our goal: to pull the reader in, to pull them down deep into the words, make them feel like they are experiencing the story right alongside the hero or heroine.

A big part of achieving that goal is showing the character’s surroundings in a way that is textured and rich, delivering this description through a filter of emotion and mood. It means we have to be careful with each word we choose, and describe the setting in such a way that each sight, sound, taste, texture, and smell comes alive for readers. This is…

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