Guitar Mancer — Episode 13: Champagne

9 thoughts on “Guitar Mancer — Episode 13: Champagne

  1. Oh… Adele, I’d like to have you be the featured blogger for Episode 15. Are there particular links you want me to use? Also, I don’t see an “About” page. Do you have a few words I could say about you?

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    1. I would love to be the featured blogger. I thought I had done an about page, ooops, must check that one. A link to my blog would be great and my web page has more info on me. I`m excited and happy to be on the road trip and part of it. I love, love vintage cars from the fifties and sixties. In fact I love rockabilly and all the clothes and hairstyles. At the moment this is one of my favourite songs to write to.

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      1. Cool beans! I’ve added your web address here to my draft. I’ll try to check your other page when I get home — and the fun looking video too. 😀 (I’m at work and having a day from hell…)
        More hugs.


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