Another update: photos

Please send love and prayers and if you can help in any other way please, please do.

This is my hubby when he arrived in China, May 22nd. 

dave in china

This is my hubby June 13th, 3 days before he died.

dave doesnt feel good

Something happened over there. I don’t know what…What I do know is that it’s been 4 weeks, and I am STILL trying to get my husband’s body back from China. I know part of the delay was us deciding on cremation or trying to get his body home so we could see him one last time, but that decision was made that weekend after talking to a funeral home.

I was told that it would be 4 days if I had him cremated, and 2-6 weeks if I wanted him back whole. A funeral home assured me that I wouldn’t want an open casket after the best case scenario of 2 weeks much less 6 weeks.

After being told it would only be 4 days… and it taking…

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