Nice 14/7/16

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It is a long time since I joined the crowds in France to celebrate a national holiday, but I remember the wonderful atmosphere and gaiety when I took my small son to watch the blooming of fireworks in the night sky, when the ideal of ‘Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood’ was proclaimed and reaffirmed across the land.

I cannot begin to imagine what it must have felt like to see lives, ideals and loved ones maimed and murdered on such a night. My own experience does not bring me close to such horror, though I  have endured the interminable, rending heartache and the waiting for news when my child lay near death through an act of senseless violence.

It doesn’t matter ‘why’, though many will cry that word into the night, begging for an answer that will never be enough.

It barely matters ‘who’… the perpetrator can no longer cause harm…

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