Fourth Chapter

I am hooked on this novel already. chapter four from

Have We Had Help?



Chapter Four

The truth beckons

During the long flight back to England, Nick’s mind was working overtime. What had he discovered? Was it part of something much bigger, or merely a device, clearly out of its time, used thousands of years in the past by an ancient civilization for some as yet unknown purpose? Before he left, he promised his new friend Thomaso that he would keep in touch as his voyage of discovery took him who knows where across the world, in search of answers. Thomaso for his part, agreed to keep watch for any other people curious about the ruin and its hidden chamber. Through a young cousin of his with a computer in Puno, he would tell Nick everything via email.


Dragon hissed as Nick gingerly pushed open the damaged front door to his cottage. “What the hell happened here?” The old cat rubbed himself…

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