Loyalty, Flat Tires, and Author Images

Dan Alatorre

IMG_7701 That’s my car last Friday

I’m a loyal guy, okay?

I use the same brand of toothpaste I used as a kid, use the same shampoo, and until recently, used the same soap. (I switched soaps. It was tough saying goodbye to Safeguard but it had to be done. I don’t wanna talk about it.)

I drive a 1998 Lincoln Navigator.

I love that car! It fits everything. Kids for field trips (so I can meet my daughter’s classmates and invite the good ones over to play). Plants from Home Depot (even though our house is where green things go to die).

It’s super comfortable. I mean, it’s like driving around on your sofa. And it’s black, so if you are driving behind another black one, people think it’s a presidential motorcade. Which means they’ll pull over in traffic. That’s handy.

And it’s been paid off for a long…

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