UnF*cking a Rough Draft: Cutting

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Cutting is one of the hardest things to do in regards to writing. Think of all the hours you spent typing away at your keyboard, and now you need to just delete some of it. I know it sounds stupid, but this could be the metaphorical difference between life and death for your manuscript. You cannot tell me that every single word is needed. I guarantee, at the bare minimum, that you have added in a typo or two of the exact same word somewhere in your rough draft. Cutting isn’t actually about fixing those problems. Cutting focuses on more important issues than minor typos.

Most people stop reading a book, if it seems like nothing is happening. Pretty much, if you bore the reader too long, you lose them. Cutting is how we fix this. A rough draft might describe the day-to-day activities of a traveler on the road…

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