Why I Use Images in (Almost) All My Blog Posts

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Almost because there are some posts where I haven’t used images so to say all just wouldn’t be honest now would it? Yall know I gotta keep it all the way real.

So anyway, I’ve always enjoyed the look of a post with pictures. Even when I would get zero likes on a post and no feedback, I’ve always loved pictures. In the beginning, it was just the aesthetic of it, I really just liked the way my posts looked with them. Today, though I still like the way the post looks with pictures, I also use them with a slightly greater outlook on the post itself and with more of a strategic edge. For one, I’m trying to step my blogging game up and to do that there are a few basics that must be accomplished. It all started a couple weeks ago when I did a google search.

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7 thoughts on “Why I Use Images in (Almost) All My Blog Posts

  1. well i have put pictures on all my blog posts except like the first two when i started blogging, at times the picture helps readers get the sense of the post even before reading much. and i too can’t now post a single thing without using pictures!

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