Pet of the Week – Poppy and Jasmine – Distractors for author Katrina Mountfort

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Pet of the week

Welcome to Pet of the Week and  I am booking now for middle of October if you are interested in giving your feathered, furred or scaley family member their moment in the limelight.  You also get to promote your blog, books, poetry, art or photography as well.

Meet Poppy and Jasmine distractors for Katrina Mountfort


Poppy (left hand side in the photo) is 10 and Jasmine (aka Big Jazza) is 8. Although they are both black labradors they have completely different personalities – Poppy is giddy, hyperactive and obsessive while Jasmine is laid-back and greedy – and have inspired a number of characters in my books.

Poppy has been with us since she was a puppy. She took a lot of entertaining – some friends who looked after her one weekend needed 12 hours’ sleep afterwards to recover! – and so we decided to get her a companion. But it…

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