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Valleys are blasted;

Earth raped by greed,

Sees unfulfilled need.

Childhoodless children

Tread softly in mines.

Diamonds on fingers;

Within each stone lingers

The spectre of hunger

Exploited for show.

The high cost of vanity,

Lacking humanity,

Devours itself.

The richest want more.

Pursuing false need;

Impossible greed

Pleads aspiration.

We call it romantic,

and some blushing bride

For whom children died,

Knows nothing.

We cover the tracks,

And decency baulks

Because money talks

And is louder than fears

Or the tears of a child.

It is estimated that at least 168 million children in the world are forced to work. More than half of them are in dangerous work in appalling conditions, including mining for gold, diamonds and the minerals that go into our mobile phones. “Worldwide, the ILO estimates that some 22,000 children are killed at work every year. The numbers of those injured or made ill because…

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