Pet of the Week – Dante – Heartwarmer for Adele and Becca this is a wonderful post about our Dante Dog from Sally. xxxx

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Pet of the weekToday a dog who came into a couple’s life at a time when they badly needed the love that only a pet can give. Unconditional.. Meet Dante who lives with writer and blogger Adele Marie Park and her wife Becca Ulnais.


My wife and I had gone through hell since 2008, me for longer. We thought that finally in 2014 we were free of drama and incident and we married in a beautiful legal and pagan ceremony. Unfortunately the day after the wedding our worlds caved in again, this time, there would be no therapy that could help. In June of that year, my wife took me on a mystery journey. We live in Morayshire and the scenery is wonderful so it is not unusual for her to do this but…….we went to a farm and here we found our beautiful boy Dante. He is our saviour, our love and has…

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