Complicated Things

Who Shot Tony Blair?

The recent developments to the Kitchen Situation –  helpfully labelled the Suitcase Situation – certainly warranted an urgent Cabinet meeting. Sitting in the dashingly furnished Cabinet Office, accidental Prime Minister Lucy Wastell was in fact somewhat grateful that such exigent ameliorations presented themselves when they did. The earlier commotion  had disturbed the slumbering Tony Blair, who upon waking – and it turns out Mumsie was right after all – immediately demanded to be fed and started whining about wanting a haircut. Lucy found this to be incredibly annoying, so any excuse to get out of the kitchen was gratefully welcomed.

The suitcase itself had been immediately entrusted into the hands of Minister of Defence, Lord Daniel Westington. It now sits with some sinistery* before him, looking rather dangerous on the grand, French polished table. The assembled Ministers were all looking at it in a not-really-looking-at-it sort of way, as if close…

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