Mention in Dispatches – Reblogging – Teenagers and Reviews

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mention in dispatches

Welcome to this week’s look at some of the terrific blog posts that I have read and enjoyed. Before I share my pick; I just wanted to mention reblogging and sharing other people’s posts.

When I first started blogging I was posting perhaps once a week but I very soon realised that by reblogging great posts by other bloggers, I was adding important content to my own. This is particularly helpful when you are starting out as it brings traffic to your blog and gets your own posts noticed. I still reblog a great deal and it is my first job in the morning to check my social media sites and catch up on overnight postings.

It is important to remember that blogging is effectively a 24 hour operation with different time zones around the world, it is easy to miss some great posts. I don’t have any email notifications…

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