A spiritual wet kipper

Thought provoking and true.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


You know those life-lessons that come out of the blue and slap you round the face with a wet kipper? I had one of those today… and it was right that I should do so. I firmly believe that we should do our best to live by our lights and apply our faith and beliefs, whatever they may be, to our everyday life. I see little point in them otherwise. But sometimes, it is easy to lose sight of how those beliefs can be shaped by what we think of as normality.

One of the very first gifts of living with the Mysteries is losing the fear of death by coming to see the cyclical nature of life.  By extension, the fear of ‘loss’ goes with it. And one of the things we teach in the Silent Eye is non-attachment. …And all these things had me by the proverbials and…

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