What The Butler Saw

Who Shot Tony Blair?

Number Ten was in lock-down. Until further information about the only-slightly tragic events in the kitchen could be confirmed, no one was to leave. Prime Minister Lucy Wastell had called an emergency Cabinet meeting, a move which caused far more consternation than the vicious murder itself. Whilst the guests from Oxford were detained with every comfort in the large drawing room, the Cambridge government were dragging their feet towards the Cabinet office, ladening themselves with as much remaining party food as they could carry.

Snetterton was making his way steadily towards the Cabinet office also. His master Boris, King of Oxford and his plus-one Nigel Farage had been invited to join the meeting and Snetterton preferred to keep his errant liege on a tight leash. He had long mastered the noiseless glide of the butler elite and no one noticed him in the confused throng. No one, that is, except…

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