The man in the wheelchair

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

magicalAdapted from a post written in 2013, when Nick had just begun to use a camera and discover the world through fresh eyes…

My son developed an interest in photography and, with his usual determination, set about learning everything he could about the technical aspects of the camera and the techniques of capturing a good photograph. Early in the adventure, it became apparent that, although his sight was damaged, his ‘eye’ was pretty good. He started by snapping shots that document where he has been, then, while he was waiting for his camera to come back from the repair shop after he had fallen with it, Nick taught himself how to process the images too.

In his passion, he tried doggedly, if unsuccessfully, to teach me the finer points of my own camera, showing me the intricacies of its settings and possibilities. Yet even with his mobile phone, with which…

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