Non Authors / Professional Bloggers Please Note:

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Due to an increasing number of submission applications from non authors / professional bloggers, I have decided to add the following statement to my submission guidelines:

If you are a professional

writer / blogger / blog post writer, etc,

seeking to publish posts linked to your sponsors in some way.


Your posts WILL be rejected!

Likewise, to avoid any copyright infringement issues, I have also added the following statement:

NOTE: If you do not want to use a photo of yourself, please ensure the photo, image or logo you prefer to use, is LICENSED TO YOU FOR YOUR USE, in order to avoid copyright infringement issues being sent to you.

I will not, in any way, accept any responsibility for your failure to comply with copyright requirements and will refuse, or withdraw posted articles, if notified about copyright infringements within your articles and/or images used.

I’m sorry…

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