Lead Generation for Freelancers

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I’m pretty sure any freelancer, doesn’t matter if they are brand new or a twenty-year veteran, has asked the question, “How the h*ll do I find some freaking clients?” This isn’t about winning clients (A completely separate post, that I will get to next week) but how to approach prospects and qualifying which would be a good fit.

Before you ever communicate with a prospective client, you have to find leads. Now you can easily flip open the phone book, and start calling, but this approach will likely require long hours, discouraging work, and minimal returns. In order to find the best clients and have the most success, you will need to qualify your leads.

Qualifying leads is almost like you are reviewing cover letters before you contact promising candidates for an interview. The most successful way to find leads is to have a way to gather appropriate information. This can be in…

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