Ani’s Advent – Dangerous

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Dear Santa,

After the whole mince pie thing yesterday, I started thinking about all the things that are ‘not allowed’. There are lots of them if you are a dog, you know. My two-legs has a few … like I’m not allowed in bed with her, which is a bit mean. You know that sleeping with a dog is the best way to show that you love us, right? It’s a trust thing. But no…she says I snore too much and wriggle. I could understand that from you… sleeping with half a dozen snoring reindeer might be a problem… but one small dog?

Still, we do have snuggles on my sofa… which she still thinks is hers for some reason… and she’ll curl up and sleep with me on there. And she knows to look in my eyes when she’s stroking me…and not to hug unless I do first… you…

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