Ani’s Advent – Feathered fiends

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

tree 2015 010

Dear Santa, I know that’s there’s always a bird

On the top of her tree, but…could you have a word?

I’m quite fond of chickens and turkeys, you know,

But that, I’m afraid is as far as I go!

stanton drew swords book pics robin 016

I know that she sees feathered creatures with love…

A robin I’ll cope with, a pigeon, a dove…

But, “Oooh,” she said, “Look at that bird in the bush,

I’ll just get the camera, now Ani-girl, hush…

That’s the best bird ever on top of our tree!”

But Santa…I looked…and…


…. it’s bigger than me!


I’m not one to panic, but do me a favour…

I’m scared that it might like its treats Ani-flavour!


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