Reaching out to Healthcare professionals and Drs.

if anyone could help please do.

My husband went to Southern China in May. He was there 3 weeks from May 25th to June 16th. He lost like 20-30 lbs while he was there and then died the day he was coming home. they said it was Sudden Cardiac Arrest. He was in excellent shape, no heart problems, or blood pressure problems.

I was in shock and didn’t have money for an autopsy. He always watched his fat, sugar and salt intake, at home he almost a gallon of drank ice tea with lemon a day. I have texts of him complaining about having a hard time finding tea while he was over there. We joked about someone finally having done something worthy of all the tea in China.

Can you help me understand this? He was only 47 I have pictures of him on the day he arrived and 3 days before he died maybe…

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4 thoughts on “Reaching out to Healthcare professionals and Drs.

      1. We need a button with some other text describing it like “appreciated the post” – even “read it” would be better!

        I always agonize when there is nothing to actually “like” about such sad news – never sure what to do. I did hop over to leave a like and a quick comment on her site, as my heart breaks for her (especially this time of year).

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