Ani’s Advent – A short list #UKBA17

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Dear Santa, on my Christmas list
There isn’t much at all…
A bit of cheese, a turkey slice…
Perhaps a tennis ball…

I’m hoping that you’ll bring me those,
But if not, that’s okay.
She’ll make sure I don’t go without…
I’ll get them anyway.

But her list’s even shorter still
Apart from normal stuff
(Like peace on earth, to men goodwill…
Which ought to be enough.)

In fact a shortlist’s all she wants
Which seems quite odd to me,
It isn’t going to look like much
Beneath the Christmas tree.

So maybe you could bring her one
Then she can dream and gloat…
So if you have a moment free,
Please click on this to vote!

Much love,



Ani winks

The blog has been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2017. She says she would be really chuffed to make the shortlist.

Thank you to all those who…

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