Smorgasbord Health – A – Z of common conditions – Bronchitis

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Now that we are clear of Christmas and New Year, I am going to resume some of the regular health features. In this series I am covering the most common health conditions that we all might face during our lifetimes. It is easy to dismiss some of these conditions as being isolated to certain parts of the body such as Athlete’s foot or bad breath but in fact they can often be an indication of a more serious health issue.  By treating these conditions topically or in isolation, we run the risk of ignoring the body and its call for help.


For anyone who suffers repeatedly from colds, bronchitis is always a possibility. There are two types of the disease. Acute bronchitis refers to the here and now and will last up to six weeks whereas chronic bronchitis infers long term symptoms that can last up to two years…

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