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Claire Plaisted - Indie Author

Yes, that’s me.  One of millions out there who write for the pleasure and share because they can.  Of course there are those who write for the money too, though it is tough to make the big time…even if you want to.I’m what they call “seat of my pants writer.” I don’t plot or plan though I do discuss ideas with other authors, writers, readers and friends.  My work generally flows well and is in simple English. Now here is the sticking point – English.Why? You may ask..  Because English is different worldwide. Spelling, grammar, word usage, cultural usage. It can be highly entertaining and amusing. It can be damn right annoying to.  Take an anthology like”Ghostly Writes” or “Into the Abyss”  Both are full are great stories by Indie Authors from around the world.  They tend to be edited in the English grammar of the country of originof the…

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