Writing Memorable Characters, Part 2

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

coverPart 2: Bad Guys

Readers love to hate a character. This chapter deals with a bad guy, but not bad like Findlay in The Navigators, who tried to make everyone’s life miserable like a deranged Bond villain.

Mrs. Billen is a more haunted figure.

But what makes a character BAD?

They do all the stuff you hate. Findlay taunts and teases and tortures Peeky.

Mrs. Billen is a different kind of bad.

In this chapter you’ll meet a new character.

Read on, and see why you hate reading her story.

Using my unreleased manuscript An Angel On Her Shoulder, I am showing you step by step how to rework your story into a more readable, more enjoyable piece – and putting real examples of my own writing out there to highlight it. (To start at Chapter 1, click HERE.)

To view it best, bring up the two…

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