Returning to Bedlam: Bring Clean Underwear

Yes, the return to Bedlam.

Legends of Windemere

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To the few people who went to the Shattered States in Crossing Bedlam, I would like to say that the return is coming soon.  That means we get to reunite with Lloyd, Cassidy, and a few familiar faces.  Not to mention a bunch of new ones, some of which won’t get smeared across the landscape because someone is on a rampage.  So, what brought about this new story and how does it differ from the first?

Well, I was always hoping to do a sequel and I had a list of possible topics.  Nothing very deep or world-changing because Lloyd and Cassidy aren’t the type.  It’s funny to me when it’s suggested that they reunite the country, take over the country, or do anything more than survive.  These aren’t the hero types, which makes the sequel thing rather easy and daunting.  They can end up in…

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