Bruce Campbell Is Seeking A Few Horror Freak Fans

The Haunted Librarian


Bruce Campbell Is Seeking A Few Horror Freak Fans

Comic-Con royalty Bruce Campbell is making a call. Are you prepared to answer? Last month Mr. Campbell posted a teaser about his new competition reality show centered on the horror movie genre. Several entertainment sites have posted brief summaries with a link to the Pitman Casting application. Be prepared; it’s thorough. For any horror movie aficionado, applying is mandatory. Heck. I did it.


In 1979, Bruce Campbell with his friends Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert raised $300,000 to produce the low-budget horror classic The Evil Dead (1981). Written and directed by Raimi, The Evil Dead is set in a cabin deep in the wilderness where five college friends head for a mini-vacation only to encounter an evil entity, who kills them off one-by-one. Bruce Campbell played Ashley “Ash” J. Williams, a role that garnered him horror fan royalty. The movie earned…

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